Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Looking out the big picture window in our kitchen, right now, I can see five kiddos swinging and giggling on the swing set on this beautiful, cool, clear Spring morning.

The dishwasher is humming quietly, the laundry is tumbling in the washer and chicken is baking in the over for tonight's dinner.

Circumstances aren't always this pleasant. I realize this. I know you realize this.

But as you also know, it's my desire to give thanks in ALL things. The reason I can? Because I trust my Heavenly Father to do what is best. To take care of us. Even when things seem "bad" and the "good" is only a memory. I trust Him.

1. Cousins. I love that we get to have cousins here so often! The kids love it. I love it. Eight is our number, for sure. But I love that it swells temporarily to a larger number. For the next few days? 12!

2. Kids. There are way too many moments, these days, when I'm more frustrated than grateful. I so desire to be transformed by the Lord to be a mom who enjoys and delights in my kids MORE of the time.

3. The Coach. Goes without saying. The guy is amazing. He puts up with my ability to attract extra kids to our house, invite people over, host this and that. Not only puts up with it. . . but pitches in to lighten my load. Amazing, I tell you!

4. 16 weeks of 1/2 marathon training done. When I looked at it back in December, I truly didn't think it would be possible for me to complete it. Didn't see where I would find the time. Didn't think I was strong enough. Things will still happen. But I'm awfully pleased that I've completed the training. Can't wait for Sunday!

5. My Dad. What other "Granddad" will come stay with five little kids (my three "at homers" and two nieces) so I can go to the Chiropractor AND let me drive his super-cool car AND give me a Starbucks card to stop for coffee on the way home. Admit it. He IS the best dad!

6. My Mom. She's tough. And even after completing six marathons on her own (Unbelievable!) she is stepping back to do the 1/2 with me this year. Couldn't have done this last 16 weeks without her. We've walked in 19 degree weather. We've walked in 80 degree weather. We've walked outside on the hills and inside on the treadmills. For hours. And hours. And have yet to run out of things to talk about OR get tired of each other.

And now, 555 interruptions since I began this post early this morning. . . it's almost lunchtime.

Have a great Thursday!


The Adventures of Treasure's Island said...

love this thankful thursday post a lot for some reason. keep up the good work in the marathon training - i'm impressed.

jo said...

I love your thankful thursdays. Go get em on Saturday - proud of you.

Tell your sweet parents hello. They are jewels.

Anonymous said...

Well, I do have very wonderful parents myself so... Glad you live close to yours and can have a close relationship with them!
Looking forward to hearing the marathon news! Must say I never even thought of running a marathon, my hat is off to you!

Zimms Zoo said...

Yeah for you and the marathon training! Way to go!

I am thankful for...
locks on the doors to keep grandma in

my new awesome watch

spending time with a friend on her birthday

time with my husband

the nice weather

and reading your blog!

Happy Thursday sweet friend!