Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still in Awe

In 15 years, I've never grown tired of the Coach. I've never felt like I've "had enough" time with him. I've always wished I could be with him all of every day. And when we are sitting at the table in the evenings talking about schedules and kids and things that need to be done - I find my mind wandering to how handsome he is. . . how much I love him. . . what a good job he does fathering our troops.

I hope I never stop thinking that marriage is amazing. No matter what trials lie ahead (and we know they will come), I pray that we never lose sight of what a gift it is to belong fully and wholly to one another. To share our lives, our hopes and dreams, our struggles. To carry our burdens for each other and not struggle alone.

Life is only getting crazier. As the kids grow, so does our schedule. Our home (it's always full!), our food budget. Ha! And more than that, the less we are all "just" home. We fight for it. It happens. But less often than it did when they were all little buggers.

I miss when things were simple. When it was all about obedience and schedules. It was physically exhausting to take care of them all, but it was easier is some ways. Now there is so much going on. School, grades, sports, friends, attitudes, responsibilities. It's great fun, but it's emotionally exhausting, now.

Sharing it all with my Coach not only makes it tolerable - it makes it fun! It's definitely an adventure! We can compare notes, offer suggestions (well, he's the one with the suggestions, I'm usually at the end of my rope!), and laugh. Lots of laughing sure helps.

So today? I'm so grateful for a God-fearing, hard-working, loving, wise and humble man to share this craziness with. And one day? It will be just the two of us, again. That 11 months we had by ourselves fifteen years ago just wasn't enough! :-)

Happy Wednesday!


jjbrown03 said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean!

Lisa B said...

Ha! Not surprised to find a comment from Jana here. I was thinking of her when I read this.

You have an excellent appreciation for the different seasons of life and I loved this!

The Zookeeper said...


I fell the same way with the Zookeeper. He helps keep the zoo sane!

Judy said...

Very refreshing to read your blog and your friends' posts about their delight in their home and husband. For years I had young women come up to me, or call me to tell me about their husbands' miserable failures and faults. I tried my best to give encouragement and share truth. One time a newlywed young woman was crying at her husband's treatment of her (and it was bad, I knew). She asked, "Does anyone have a happy marriage?" I told her happy people have happy marriages. The others are unhappy people who got married. We had many conversations, but we lost touch over the years. So many like that, all you can do is pray.
Oh, dear! My fingers got carried away again and couldn't quit typing!
"Let us hear the conclusion of the matter" ~ the joy is in Jesus and everything else can be worked out by willing hearts.

Corrie said...

It hit me last week that all my home time with my hubby is going to change drastically in about 4 1/2 months, which has me somewhat fanatically protecting my evenings and weekends until then. :P

I know it will be a new wonderful, but it's good to remember to treasure the moments now. :-)

Thanks for the encouragement that it's still wonderful with 8 kids!