Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today at the Troops

Morning, All!

Day three of 10 kids seems to be going smoothly. Visiting teen-age boys require much less of this mom than the little ones we've kept. They've been on their best behavior. And our days have stayed pretty much the same, as they are at school all day with our big kids.

We've enjoyed the laughter around the dinner table. They've been excellent guests. And Son (#1) sure loves the extra basketball players on the court in the evenings! The Coach even has extra help on the deck project. What a deal!

In the meantime. . . we've been trying to get organized and plan for Thursday. Daughter (#6) will be having outpatient surgery to remove what we think is a Thyroglossal duct cyst from her neck. Fun, huh?

She's had great courage in the whole ordeal thus far.

I've been so grateful for family and friends who have offered help. Meals, car pool duty, watching little ones. What a blessing!

The Lord keeps bringing to mind His amazing love and providential hand in our lives. Little did we know when we took Daughter (#6) out of school that this would happen. And yet. . . what a blessing that she hasn't and won't miss even more school at the end of this school year. We've been able to take a casual approach to finishing up her school work. She's read a lot, helped in the kitchen, just enjoyed being home. And now she will have the freedom to recover from this surgery at home without school work piling up and pressure to get back. God is so good.

Greatly appreciate your prayers for us this week. Life continues to be quite an adventure here at the troops. Wouldn't trade it! But it sure does wear me out!

Blessings on your Tuesday!


jo said...

Wow. I know your head and heart must be quite full. I will pray for grace to take one step at a time and clarity of thinking to keep the rest of the crew on track.

Love you girl. Blessings on #6.

Anonymous said...

Will be praying for you and the family, especially daughter #6!
Good to see God at work, helping out with things before we even know why!
May God greatly bless you with week with His peace and energy!