Monday, May 10, 2010

There's a lot going on, for sure

Happy Monday morning!

Daughter (#6) is doing well! She has been tough. I've been amazed. She had her surgery on Thursday morning. By Friday night she had really improved. Saturday she ran around and played with everyone else. Yesterday she seemed pretty worn out (with reason) and slept for a couple of hours in the afternoon, but still felt well. I'm so grateful. The surgeon told us it could be as long at 2 months before we see the full improvement of her eating, chewing, swallowing, breathing issues. But we're on our way! And in the meantime, I make a yummy strawberry banana smoothie! If you want to see what she had, you can read here. If you are really brave (and I'm not!), you can watch a surgery like hers here. You can thank Granddad for that link!

Our new roof is almost done! I expect them back today to finish up one ridge. It looks really nice. I'll have to post before and after pictures (as if that will happen, right?). This new roof was a gift from God via our insurance. We were expecting them to cover about half, but in the end it was almost full coverage. So grateful for that! And no more leaks!

We are back to ONLY eight kids, here at the troops. It actually feels quiet. Of course, the extra kids didn't keep things from being quiet. . . but the extra kids kept my kids excited. Outside of our "normal" - and a lot of fun.

I'm pretty sure Mother's Day shouldn't be on Sunday. Good grief. There is SO much to do to get the troops to church. And to prepare for another week! It was still a great day, though. Delicious pancake brunch (the Coach makes great pancakes!), a NAP, and a sweet gift from the kids of flowers for the front flower bed and pots (something that hasn't been in the budget for a couple of years, now). Made me cry. Finished the day off with a Starbucks date with Son (#1). Next year he'll be able to drive us!

Saturday night we had a FUN Sunday school get together at the Farm. Beautiful weather! Complete with bonfire, smores and a hay ride. Son (#3) is covered in poison ivy - bless his heart - but that's what happens if you run through the woods in shorts and flip flops!

School is winding down - we are really looking forward to Summer here at the troops! The Coach and Son (#1) are getting ready for their mission trip to Brazil. It's been exciting to see God provide for them. Son (#3) is headed to the 5th grade "Creation Nation" trip this week.

I've been so overwhelmed this past week with the love and kindness of our family and friends. Sweet gifts began showing up for Daughter (#6) before and after her surgery. Sticker paper dolls, pens, markers, books, paper - she has had SO much fun with it all! Then meals. . . brave, brave souls who dared to cook for our 10 plus two - masses of food that have been devoured and enjoyed. The calls, e-mails, messages - we've felt so blessed and loved.

And now? Time to get going on another week. Daughter (#2) is home with a cold/allergies and the to do list is long. The kids have track and field day, today - if the rain will hold off? So they get out early. So it's a short day with a long list. Better get to it.

Have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

I watched most of the movie, my goodness, what a procedure! What an event- so glad to hear that she is up and around though.
I kind of like Mother's Day on Sunday- especially now that the children are older. My husband makes breakfast, my dad makes Sunday dinner, and just popcorn and brownies for supper! Mostly I like it on Sunday because my hubby is home all day and there are no big projects that have to be done.

I too am looking forward to summer and school being done for the year!
Enjoy your week!