Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Always reading. . .

If you visit much here at Mrs. Troop, you know I love to read. I'm always reading something. I read a lot of good, challenging, "learning" books and now and then I get tired and read something just for fun, like Francine Rivers. She can't publish new books fast enough for me!

But along with that, I read several weekly, monthly, quarterly publications that I enjoy tremendously. One of my favorites is No Greater Joy. I have to be in just the right frame of mind to pick up the newest issue. It is ALWAYS challenging, usually convicting, and almost always leaves me with a choice to change something or not. (sigh)

The latest issue had an article about emotional attachments outside of marriage. And hidden in the text of this article I found something precious and beautiful that absolutely thrilled my heart.

"I explained to her that young girls who are coming of age have a deep seated need to be loved and appreciated by a man. I told her that all young women have a soul yearning to be tenderly understood by a man who listens to their deepest feelings and shares their hopes and longings. I explained that when young couples marry the girl has this profound need, but her young husband's need for spiritual union has not yet been awakened. He is thrilled with the fulfillment of physical intimacy, and he might feel a touch of the emotional attachment, but almost none of the spiritual connection. The soul-bonding for which she yearns is not likely to be satisfied until the marriage has matured. To most young brides the husband appears clumsy and unfeeling. But as the wife continues to obey and reverence her young husband, he will grow in appreciation for her soul, and in time learn to care for her emotional and spiritual needs.

"Adam knew his wife and she bare a son. The intimacy of marriage is viewed as knowledge. This soul bonding we are discussing is not knowledge of the intimate, but it is intimate knowledge - soul knowledge, which is the real essence of marriage. It is emotional and spiritual copulation, to be shared with that one special person to whom you are married. Anyone that has ever experienced this "knowledge" in their marital relationship knows why marriage is sacred, holy, honorable, and used by God as a picture of Christ and the church. God calls it a 'great mystery'.

"Marriage done according to God's plan is glorious. Having known this glory first hand, I wrote Created to be His Helpmeet, wanting other women to know it was within their grasp to have a glorious marriage. A man instinctually responds to a woman who reverences him, especially so if she honors him in the early years of marriage, before time has polluted the waters of bitterness."

This rang so true in my heart. Mirrored so beautifully the progression that the Coach and I have experienced in our relationship. It brought tears to my eyes as I read the exact words I would use to describe what the Coach and I share. Marriage is a mystery. It can be glorious. I'm blessed to have such a marriage. A husband who understands me, loves me, lays down his life for me each and every day.

We are gloriously happy and wondrously in love. It started out great. But it's gotten better and better. And I can't tell you the excitement I feel thinking about the years we have ahead of us! Wrinkles and all! Ha!

I thank the Lord every day for this kind of marriage - I know it's becoming increasingly rare in these times that we live in.

May the Lord encourage you through these words. If you are "young" in your marriage, trust the Lord that He has so much more in store for you - and glorious marriage will come if you continue to seek Him and reverence your husband. I never thought the Coach and I didn't have a great marriage - we always have. But the kind of marriage we have NOW, after almost 16 years, was never within my imaginations. It's beyond wonderful.

God is so good to give us this earthly love!

(You can read the article by Debi Pearl in it's entirety here.)


Anonymous said...

I have been excited over this area in our marriage lately as well! I was just thinking how amazing my husband is, our relationship has become, how we have become knit together closer and closer over the years. What a wonderful God to give us such neat help meets!

Judy said...

Reading this made my heart hurt for a wife that I know. Lot of pain and hurt feelings in early years led to bitterness, which has become apathy. During the early years she tried, she worked on it, she obeyed, she prayed. When he continued his controlling, power-seeking she got tired of trying. Now, after 20 years, she just doesn't care. She still does her "duty" as a wife, taking care of home and husband, but without interest or enthusiasm. I don't know what will happen when there are no children in the home. I have been counselling with her since the first years of her marriage. She has just given up. No other way to put it. Without hope. So sad.

Sumer said...

I love Debi and Mike. I am always in need of an attitude adjustment, so thankful when the materials come in the mail! Great post!