Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One of the best. . .

Today was a good day.

You know the kind. They don't happen too frequently, but every now and then you find yourself thinking, "Life is good." Not that life isn't always good - because God is on His throne - but sometimes I forget.

(contented sigh)

BSF in the morning. The text we studied this week wasn't the most positive (try Isaiah 15-23), but the lessons were life-changing.

Lunch with my Dad. And Little Man. At Chick-fil-A. Including free Peppermint Milkshake samples. How fun is that?

Few errands on the way home.

Quiet afternoon with a sleeping boy and phone calls with good friends while cooking dinner for tonight and cornbread for Thursday's dressing.

The Coach brought the kids home. Woo hoo!

Then a casserole in the oven and Daughter (#2) making whole wheat muffins for dinner. Coach and Son (#3) out finishing up the Christmas lights (which will NOT be turned on until the day after Thanksgiving thankyouverymuch) and I was off for my daily run.

Gorgeous afternoon and four miles pounding the pavement. Felt SO great to be outside (after weekly runs inside the last two weeks). The leaves are falling, there was a cool breeze, the sun was setting. Ahhhh.

Came home to dinner on the table and kids chattering about Thanksgiving Break, time with the Coach's family on Thursday, and sleeping in. Ha!

Finished the day with "Despicable Me" at the dollar movie. "It's SO FLUFFY!"

And to top it all of, I did NOT get up and yell at the people behind us who brought microwave popcorn from home and crunched the bags while filling their kids Wal-mart shopping bags with popcorn and shaking cups with lids and ice (I think - it was dark) for minutes at a time and jumbo size bags of candy with the loudest wrappers EVER (how big WAS this lady's purse, anyway?) all while the kids yelled and the moms hushed them VERY LOUDLY. I did not. lose. it.

(deep breath)

And now? I had better get to bed. Lots of cooking and laughing to be done with the troops, tomorrow. And a cold front, so I hear.

Happy Tuesday!


Shauna said...

sounds like the perfect day!

jo said...

Is it just me, or do a lot of good days happen in the fall? I loved yours. We still haven't seen Despicable Me. Maybe a good Thanksgiving Flick. Enjoy your break from the school routine. I sure will. Love you.

Daisy Girl said...

You're a better woman than I. Of course, I already knew that. :) But I would have at least turned around and looked at the popcorn movie goers so they would know that we could hear them. :) Love your list. Good to talk with you. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. We are spending ours here. Ella spent all last night running a fever and throwing up. Good times. And now I've got to figure out a last minute Thanksgiving meal. Ugh.