Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Good morning!

I'm a little bleary eyed this morning, but the coffee is brewing and I'm pressing on toward thankfulness. Here we go:

1. Wonderful, uplifting, encouraging visit with a sweet s-i-l last night. And a husband who took care of things so I could go (and her husband who did the same at their house - you'd think they were related, or something).

2. God's faithful provision. It has never failed.

3. Beautiful Fall weather. I even love the blustery days.

4. New treadmill. Woo hoo! Although, oddly enough, I've discovered that running outside is addictive. But I'm grateful to have another option on COOOOOLD days!

5. Wal-mart candles (vanilla is our favorite). Because as much as I love a real, boutique candle, NO WAY can I put one in the bathroom with a three year old in the house. But for $2.50? He can decide to build tissue fires and ruin one now and then and I don't get too upset.

6. Little Man who is sitting beside me coloring. How dull life would be without him. And how clean! Ha!

7. Coffee. Because a Mom isn't allowed to slow down when she's tired.

8. For 9 weeks (I think?) on Weight Watchers. I've completely stalled at 19 pounds down. Phooey. But I'm not going to quit. NOT going to quit!

9. For sweet friends who are going through HARD things. Death of a parent, death of a sibling, devastating health issues. Watching them keeps me on my knees - and leads me to glorify the Lord, when I see how He is drawing them to Himself.

10. First week of Jr. High Girls basketball season. And a three-point shot by Daughter (#2) to open the first game!

11. Good visit with my aunt and uncle from Pennsylvania. So fun to have them here!

12. Sunshine this morning (although to be completely honest, I love the dreary days even more!).

13. Beautiful Fall colors. I can't remember the last time the trees were SO pretty, here. Every time I look outside it makes my heart happy. God's creativity amazes me!

14. Having the Coach back from the consuming football season. How I love that man! At dinner time when he walks in the door? I can see that he's really WITH us - not already thinking about the film that needs to be watched or the plays he needs to work on. Without football season (which we really DO enjoy), I wouldn't appreciate the rest of the year so very much.

15. Did I mention coffee? If I drink much more my heart will be racing all afternoon. Ha! (and it's only fair to tell you that when I have caffeine I have a hard time shutting up. Or ending a post.)

16. That my fever and head cold on Sunday were short lived. I'm grateful to the Lord and for IgG. That stuff is amazing!

17. That the Coach is recovering from his annual "end of football season sinus infection". IgG can only make up for some much exhaustion! Ha!

18. That the three little girls clothes, closet, and drawers are all cleaned out and switched to the Winter Season. It is my least favorite chore, but WOW it feels good to be done! The 10 bags of clothes in the garage that are ready to pass on to someone else feel awfully good, too! (Thank you, Lord, for so many darling hand-me-downs!)

19. My Hoover Steam Vac. Cleaned traffic areas and spots removed in both living rooms. Ahhhhh. I feel so much less trashy when the carpets are clean.

20. BSF Isaiah study. I'm struggling to stick with it and get my lessons done. My brain feels like mush. The questions often look like they are in a foreign language. But God's Word NEVER returns void and He is using this study to cause me to praise Him. Thank you, Jesus!

May the peace of God that passes all understanding guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:7, Mrs. Troop paraphrase)

Happy Thursday!

More coffee, anyone?


Daisy Girl said...

What a great list! Love it! You are so funny. I need to work on my own list. Thursdays are my craziest days of the week. Have a good one!

Daisy Girl said...
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Five Freddys said...

I'm daily thankful for coffee! Yeah for a new treadmill! And, stick with Weight Watchers. Every body plateaus. You'll get past it and be SO GLAD you stayed strong!

Daisy Girl said...

Sorry, that was me. I accidentally posted my comment twice. Now it looks like someone said something they regretted and deleted it! Sorry. :)

Shauna said...

Wonder what L said that she regretted?? LOL Just kidding she cracks me up ~ thankful for you and L! We need to go see her...soon!