Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Because I don't say it often enough. . .

I love my husband.

And I'm so glad to be sharing life with him.

This "raising kids" thing is exhausting.  I've never been so tired.

I understand now, why my mother-in-law breathed a sigh of relief when her baby girl (and 10th child) was married.  And another sigh when all ten kids had children of their own.

As our kids get older, I have more and more respect for those who have gone before me in this parenting journey.  And survived.

The Coach and I are really just getting started.

So much laughter.

So very much forgiveness.

Lots of hard work.

And tears.

And joy.

So much joy.
(although I fear that sometimes the joy gets lost in the work)

The Coach has always been the man of my dreams.  He's handsome, strong, hard-working, God-fearing, humble, teachable, loving . . . not afraid to walk in the door at night, roll up his sleeves, and pitch in with the chaos.  He daily lays down his life and leads through serving (I'm pretty sure he's finishing up the dishes right now - case in point).  

But he's come to be so much more than that to me (not that I don't REALLY appreciate the help with the dishes).  He's the husband of my dreams.  And we have the marriage of my dreams.  A life shared.  Two living as one.  Best friends.  Soul mates.

I could say that we've both grown eversomuch through sharing this life together.  And we have.  But the reason he's the man he is?  He loves and serves an awesome God.

He is consistent, loving, patient, long-suffering . . . and gives me a LOT of grace. . . 


And for all of the "yuck" that the stress of motherhood has brought out in me, it seems to have brought out the very best in the Coach.  He's risen to the occasion, taken on the challenge, and made me so very proud.

I adore him.

(and he's SO handsome. . .  has that already been mentioned?)

It is an amazing blessing to be sharing this life with him.

I just needed to say that, today.  Giving glory to the Immortal Invisible Only-Wise God for creating this thing called "marriage".

And for letting me experience it.

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