Monday, January 9, 2012

He Holds it All. . .

I've sat down to write several times since Christmas.  My thoughts have been scattered, my stories random, and I can't seem to make sense of any of it.  Thank heavens for the delete button - when you are tempted to name your post "The Rant", it's the only way to go.

But the whining?  It's got to stop.

Yes, I'm tired of "the boot".  (Week five starts today.)

Yes, the troops have all had colds.  And low fevers.  And the grumpies (of which I am queen).

Yes, mornings have been trying for my little ones since school started back.

Yes, my list just keeps getting longer.  And longer.  And yes, I'm avoiding it by pushing it under the piles of mail, coupons, school assignments, and returned Christmas cards that I need to find new addresses for.  Oh.  And thank you notes that should have been sent LAST week and have only been started.

Yes, my beautiful daughter's hand/finger is STILL hurting.  Ugh.

Yes, the house is a mess.  What's new?

Yes, errands are piling up while I hope for a chauffeur.  So I don't have to take the boot off and put it back on with each and every stop.

No, I haven't been to the gym since Friday.  And it's unlikely I'll make it there, today.

No, I haven't planned meals for the week.  Or even looked at the calendar.  Yikes.

But you know what?  God's grace is sufficient.  I don't just say that.  I BELIEVE it.  Because I've lived it.  Over and over again, He shows His love by giving me the strength I need for TODAY.

He will be faithful to do it, again.

In the meantime, I'll keep remembering my mother-in-law's button that says, "Stop whining, stop whining, STOP WHINING."

Because a mom as blessed as I am, has NOTHING to whine about.  I have healthy (colds won't last) children, a hard-working (and handsome) husband who loves me, a warm home, cars that run (although I did discover that one of the new van's pockets is sticky - already!), oatmeal to fill my tummy, coffee to wake me up, a washer and dryer to keep working on the laundry, food to fix for dinner (even if I have no idea what it will be), and a Little Man to keep me company all day.

And since "The Cat in the Hat" is over. . . and Son #1 needs an appointment at the DMV for his driving test on Friday. . . it's time to get going.

Happy Monday!


Zimms Zoo said...

You never complain!! or whine! but that is how I kinda feel lately.

Love ya girl and we need some kind of food and drink and chocolate with great conversation.

Mrs. Troop said...

Sounds fabulous! :-) Miss you, Girl! Think we can fit something in before basketball season ends? (sigh)