Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In what shall henceforth and forever be remembered as. . .

The year of sports injuries at the troops.


I'm going with "sports injuries" over "broken bones" because:
a) my leg wasn't actually broken - it had a stress fracture.  NOT the same thing.  So there.
and b)  saying "sports injuries" means I can be included in the same category as my awesome basketball players.  The "athlete" category.  (And yes, I realize these abilities came from the Coach's genes, not mine.)

Trying to make the best of it.

Daughter (#2) is still sporting her neon pink cast (for a few more days), and Son (#4) joined the casualties, this morning, with a temporary splint until next week, when he, too, will be put in a cast for a month.

"What color will you get?" says Little Man, who knows the drill.  And wants a sucker.

We've had a year like this, before (Daughter #2, Son #3, and Daughter #5 - all arms - all within a few months).  We'll get through it.

We are blessed to have a kind, gracious friend who works in Orthopedics - who takes amazing care of us.  So blessed.  Although when you know all of the doctor's office staff (including the guy who puts the casts on) on a first-name basis, it may be a good indication that you've spent too much time there.

The worst part MAY be having Son #4 sidelined for 5 weeks.  Because this boy NEEDS to burn some energy.  Lots of energy.  Every day.  And without his daily shooting and dribbling drills, he may spontaneously combust.

Then again. . . he did break his LEFT hand. . . no reason he couldn't keep practicing with his RIGHT hand. . . hmmmmm.

Feel free to leave your "multiple broken bones in the same house" jokes in the comments.  As well as any "do your kids drink milk or take calcium?" jokes.  I'm going to go read some more here.

Happy Wednesday!

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