Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thankful. . . Day!

It's still Tuesday, right?
Because BSF with Little Man and Grandmother was this morning.
I think.
And lunch with Granddad at Chicken-fil-A (as my girls have taken to calling it).
Have you tried their Chicken Tortilla Soup?  Mmmmmm.
Even a short nap while Little Man watched an episode of Phineas and Ferb on Netflix (how sad is it that I can fall asleep during a 15 minute obnoxiously noisy show. . . )

Then the real chaos began.

But I digress.

One of my goals in this New Year has to be more intentional in my daily activity.  To stay off of the computer when my kids need me.  To be more diligent in listening to them, what is going on in their lives, what they are concerned about. . . just be AWARE of all that goes on with them.

That basically leaves me time to write here. . . never.  Sigh.

1.  My newly licensed driver IN THE HOUSE. Woot woot!  Congratulations are in order - he's a great driver - passed his driver's test with flying colors - and was much less nervous than his mother.  Ha!  Let's hear it for having HELP with all of the running around, dropping off, picking up. . . bless his heart. . . it's a good thing he's still happy to drive anywhere.

2.  Good report on Sister's broken finger yesterday - healing well, no surgery needed.  New PINK cast for two weeks, than hopefully a removable splint.

3.  The freedom to start weaning myself from my personal prison boot.  And if this thankfulness post doubles as a confession. . . I haven't worn it since yesterday morning.  That's more like cold turkey than weaning. . . but I promise to do better tomorrow.  Maybe.

4.  Fun date night with the Coach on Saturday night.  Revisiting a Chinese restaurant that we loved during our living-in-the-hood days.  Have I mentioned, lately, that I love my man?  And that he gets the "most patient husband on the planet" award this week?

5.  Healthy kids. . . after coughs and snotty noses . . . and general yuckiness. . . the last part of Christmas Break and the first part of back-to-school.  The Coach and I were sick last week.  Not bad.  Just not good.  Grateful to be on the other side of it.

6.  Clean laundry.  Even if it's all over the Living Room floor.

7.  Sweet girls who cleaned up the Sunroom School Room today (yes, they do come home FROM school and PLAY school - every day!).  Of course, I had threatened to burn it to the ground.  Apparently they took me seriously.

8.  The 1/4 of a cow in my freezer.  In various pieces, of course.  We've already enjoyed some of it.  Yesterdays pot roast was delicious!  Love that I won't need to buy beef for a loooooong time.

9.  The Coach's new series that he's teaching in our Sunday School class.  It's been encouraging. . . and we've had some great conversations about it at home.  Fruit of the Spirit.

10.  The patience, tolerance, and general opportunities for growth that kids provide.  I'm overwhelmed.  But grateful that they continue to challenge me to depend more fully on the Lord.

11.  That the strength of the Lord is sufficient.  Even when I'm tired.  And cranky.  And don't want to hear the piano practicing, reading, memorizing, questions, homework, etc.  I'm so very blessed.  So. Very. Blessed.

Some days I feel like I'm failing as a mother.  Failing miserably.  I listen to my kids criticize one another. . . see them choose to disobey. . . hear my own voice threatening instead of encouraging.  It only takes each of them doing one thing wrong and my whole afternoon is filled with correction and consequences.  Because there are something like. . . I don't know. . . eight of them?  And if one of them persists in a bad attitude, it's less than pleasant for the rest of the troops, too.

But you know what?

They ARE great kids.  They love the Lord and their family.  They work hard in school, take responsibility for their own assignments and deadlines.  They are all making excellent grades.  Practicing basketball diligently.  Being good friends.  Laughing and playing.  Reading, growing, learning.

Sometimes I just need a reminder of all that they do WELL.  And forget (for a second or two), that they aren't perfect.  Although the $1 fine on any coats, shoes, boots, socks, or backpacks that are not put up by dinner time seemed to help, today.

Starbucks, anyone?

Turns out they still have a lot to learn.  They still need love and patience and encouragement.  They still need Jesus.  Imagine that.  Sounds like someone else I know. . . hmmmmm.

Trusting Him for it all.

Happy Tuesday!

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amber said...

oh..the part about threatening instead of encouraging. gulp. convicting. i needed the reminder to focus on what they ARE doing right. good idea on the dollar fine..i could get rich in a hurry. :)

starbucks? yes, please.

happy tuesday...it IS still tuesday here too. ;)