Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just a warning.

Not sure if it's the boot. . . killing brain cells as I drag it around all day.

Or if it's the lack of sleep. . .late games, sleepy girls with dreams that wake them, early mornings.

Or maybe it's the cumulative affect of 16 years of being a mom.  And losing brain cells with all of the pregnancies, one right after another.

Maybe it's too many episodes of "Phineas and Ferb" with my Elementary age kids.  "S to the I to the M to the P!"

Or too many episodes of "Top Gear" with my teens.  I always tell them that TV kills brain cells.

Could be the ten consecutive years of having kids in our precious school (only 14 more to go!). . . the assignments, notes, projects, ball games, and so many fabulous teachers (over 30 this year, alone).

Maybe it's the new glasses.

Or this cold that has been lingering for a week.  (sniff)

Could be that I haven't run in about 9 weeks.

Or maybe the fact that my legs are no longer "runner's legs" (I use the term loosely, of course), but rather pillars of some kind of expanding jello-like substance.

Whatever it is?

I have no brain.

So no, I haven't gotten your e-mail, your phone message, or your text.  Nor have I written you that note to tell you "Thank you" (I really AM eversograteful!).   I most likely will call you the wrong name, or get confused about which kid is yours.  Just ask my own kids (Poor Little Man thinks his name IS the other three big boys names followed by his. . . ).

I have hope, though!  Because I actually KNOW moms personally who have survived these school-age years and seem like they have come through it with relatively little scarring.

Of course they could just be pretending.

I'm getting pretty good at that, too.  ("Wash sheets?  Oh sure!  We do that on a regular basis!  Of course!")

And did you know that if you have a Webkinz that you got for Christmas which may or may not be a fish?  . . . he can't wear pants.  And Little Man is NOT happy about this.  So I'm warning you all.  FISH CAN'T WEAR PANTS!


Glad we cleared that up.

Maybe that is the REAL reason that I can't think straight.  My brain is full of completely useless facts that, in the moment, really matter to my various children with their crazy different interests and tastes.

Have you HEARD the song, "Camouflage"?


I wish I could say I hadn't.  I'm pretty sure it's taking up much needed space in my head.

Along with all of the lines to "Princess Bride".

"As you wiiiiiiiiiish. . . "

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Daisy Girl said...

Ha ha ha!! I am SO right there whitcha. It's like we're sisters or something. :)