Tuesday, March 25, 2008

. . .and some Zyrtec

Baby Boy and I went to the store this morning.

(I'm giving you a minute to let that sink in.)

I guess back when Son (#1) was a baby I used to go to the store with one small child. But not any more. Usually I leave Baby Boy at home with the Coach and take any number of children with me. Which is always exciting.

We had a fun time.

If Wal-mart can be fun. Which it can. Because we are there so often. And if it weren't fun then a significant part of my life would be not fun.
It's a choice, right?

I'm still laughing, though. I'm used to the attention that we get at the store with eight kids. Looks. Second looks. Audible counting. But with one?

No less than four people told me what a cute baby I have. One even called him a girl. Which, in my opinion, he's pretty enough to be, but something about the striped polo and jeans should have given it away.

One nice lady stopped me in the parking lot to tell me, to "enjoy it, because they grow up so fast." She then told me she had a 7 year old boy and 5 year old boy twins. Wow. Twins. Can't imagine having twins.

Years ago I would have smiled and said thank you and walked away. But I enjoy the shock factor way too much, so I said, "Oh, he's our EIGHTH."

Truly the response is worth it every time.

She was very nice. Even told me I look "amazing" for having eight kids. Which I'm not sure is a compliment. I mean, what SHOULD I look like after eight kids? Do I look amazing if I only had two? Nope. Thought so.

But back to the store. I needed to pick up a few things for dinner. But my main reason for going was to get more Zrytec.

I ran out of my last prescription, and it's not a prescription, anymore. Which stinks. My insurance used to cover 50%, and now I have to pay for all of it!

But that got me to thinking. . .

How about sharing some of our favorite products? Not that Zyrtec is one of my favorite products, but I've been taking it for 7 years and the last five days without it, I've been miserable.

So here's one of my VERY FAVORITE:

A couple of years ago, Daughter (#2) started having trouble sleeping. Miserable for all. We tried Benadryl and eventually, since she was older, resorted to Simply Sleep. But I HATED giving her drugs. Hated it. She's not old enough to need a pill to go to sleep! My mom found this, and it really works! I'm so grateful. You can get Peaceful Night here. It's not cheap, but it's WAY better than drugs.

One of the other things we love here at the Troops is our Swivel Sweeper.

We have tried so many things to clean the floors after meals. After several bad experiences, we were back to the broom and dustpan. But it's HARD for kids to do that well. Then I found this. I'm sure I was watching an infomercial late at night while up with a baby. Can't remember, really. But I ordered it! And we love it! We have worn out three of them, but it's worth it to have the kids able to do a good job cleaning the floor. You can even use them on the carpet for a quick clean up before company! Love it.

SO. . .

Be thinking of things you love and we'll have a linky party here in a few days to share them all. It's so helpful to me, as a mom, to know what works for other families. Saves all the trial and error to figure it out myself!

P.S. THANK YOU for the paint color help! I'm going to get motivated to work on that project again, really soon. I think. And I'm so glad to know who to ask!


Lori Leigh said...

Thanks for sharing! I might just need to invest in both of those products.

Glad you got your Zyrtec! AndI'll be looking forward to the linky party.......

Have a great day friend!

Jo said...

My favorite has got to be different on different weeks of my life. BUt one thing I keep coming back to is the fold over sandwich bag. I do love it so.

I'll keep thinking