Friday, March 14, 2008

My Sweet 5 Year Old Girl

It's a birthday!

We celebrated with lasagna, chocolate cupcakes (topped with M&M's), Grandmother and two Sweet Sitters.

There was a time when I didn't know if Daughter (#6) and I would survive 5 years. But what a blessing she has become!

She is my child that will work beside me after everyone else has wandered off. She cleans, cooks, helps with the baby. All cheerfully and with boundless energy.

We've had a lot of sleepless (her, anyway) nights together. Bonding, right?

She was my only baby that cried herself to sleep every bedtime until she was 2. Never took a pacifier or sucked her fingers (like two of ours have). She would cry all through the grocery store and there was just nothing to do about it.

Unlike our other children, she was completely bald until about 2 1/2. Just a little light blond fuzz! And she's the only one whose blond has lasted this long. I love her blond hair.

She's a tough cookie. Endures all kind of bumps and bruises without a peep. Has a love/hate relationship with most of her siblings. She and Daughter (#7) play together all day. As long as they don't boss each other! They are both "in charge"!

I tell her about 10 times a day that Mommy is the boss in this house. Most of the time she replies, "I thought Daddy was." She's forever getting into debates with me.

But OH how I love her. She still loves to sit with me, rock with me, and needs lots of hugs everyday.

Lord, please give me the grace I need to show her Your ways and Your love every day of her life.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!


Lori Leigh said...

Happy Birthday! So glad she is feeling better!

Corrie said...

aww, she's five. Wow.

Jo said...

I'm laughing with you my friend. Oh the familiarity. Love those sweet girls. - They see through to our very soul don't they?

Lamb Chop said...

this is the song that doesn't end.... yes it goes on and on my friend... some people started singing it not knowing what it was... and they'll continue singing it forever just because.....