Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bad Timing

Five minutes before I have to leave for car pool duty (i.e. picking up 8 kids from school) is probably not the ideal time to start a post.

But here I am.

Tuesdays changed today, for Little Man and I, as we headed back to BSF. This year is a new study - in Isaiah - and I'm really looking forward to the encouragement of regular Bible Study.

It made me think about some things.

(other than how "odd" I feel telling people with 1, 2, 3 and 4 kids that we have EIGHT)

God's Word is what it's about. It should be our food, our water, our air. Actually it IS, we just forget sometimes.

It's unbelievably comforting to me that God has a plan for all of the creation - including me and the troops. Because things are bad in the world right now. Sometimes I find worry creeping in. Not for us. I figure it is what it is. Until I think about my children and the world they may have to live in.


And motivating. Better make sure I do everything I can to get them ready, right?

(hoping this includes massive amounts of time watching "Cat in the Hat" videos on PBSkids because that's what it's all about this week for Little Man)

My other thought, today, (hey, two deep thoughts is a lot for one day!) is how precious the fellowship of other believers is. FUN to see familiar faces at BSF - women whom I have prayed for and shared with over the years. Also fun to talk to other sweet friends today whom I know love me unconditionally. Then family. . . especially when they are fellow believers, too - a fun visit from my dad this afternoon, seeing a sister-in-law at BSF, looking forward to having a nephew at the volleyball game, today. Precious. Love them all. Grateful the are so close by and share our faith.

Time is up! Happy Tuesday!

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Alyson said...

I am so excited you got to go back to BSF today. I get to start tomorrow with a brand new group of ladies, but with whom I am already connected because of our love of God's word and what it holds for our lives. So glad Little Man gets to go with you too. What a blessing!!!!