Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday!

Actually FEELING thankful, today. Makes it a bit easier! Ha!

1. Rain. Pretty sure I'm happiest when the weather is bad. And I'm sure that says something about me that's not good, but I can deal with that.

2. Well into our third week of school and so far so good. It's a little (OK, a LOT, OK, INSANELY) crazy, but we're doing well. Thank you, Lord!

3. Healthy kids. So much going around and grateful we've gotten off to a good start. Need to get back into giving the kids their vitamins every day. As if I don't have enough to do, already!

4. First football game last Friday night - Son (#1) got to play! Really exciting. I know this probably seems goofy to those of you who aren't married to a highschool football coach (would that be ALL of you?) but BIG DEAL to have your own son playing. For this mama, too.

5. Volleyball season rolling along and so far Daughter's (#2) team is undefeated! (Kind of sad that it took me a minute to remember the word, "undefeated" - maybe it's time for coffee.)
Love watching her play and improve.

6. Francine Rivers new book, "Her Mother's Hope" on the Coach's new "Nook". I like the nook. I don't like that the Coach is usually using it.

7. Fall. Won't be long now. Once the weather cools off a bit and the trees start changing it will be time to get out the Fall decorations, the pumpkins, the pansies. Ahhhhhh. I FORCE myself to wait until October. (sigh)

8. Chili for dinner. Perfect night for it. When I told the kids at dinner last night that I was making it today I got a "YES!" from the majority. Can't do better than that!

9. Quiet. Little Man fell asleep while we were out running errands this morning. Not the best of timing (he hasn't had lunch), but we're going with it. I can hear him snoring on the couch. Love it.

10. Cereal. With milk. Pretty sure I could live on it. And pretty sure I shouldn't. But it's my favorite thing to eat. Except when Little Man takes all of the raisins in my raisin bran.

11. In spite of the craziness last night and the fact that I went to bed and left the messes - everyone got off to a good start this morning and I'm getting caught up, today. Can't always have your act together, right? Not sure I EVER have my act together, anymore - but I sure try!

Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with all of the prayer needs that come my way. I love everyone in our circle of friends and family - and there is so much need, hurt, grief, sickness. God is so good to allow us to pray for one another. To lift each other up before His throne. And best of all? He hears. He answers. And we can trust Him to care for us because of His great love. Trusting all of YOU to His loving hands, today.

Happy Thursday!

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Daisy Girl said...

Great post! Let me know if the F. Rivers book is good. I love her! May need to get that one!