Monday, September 27, 2010

Points? What points?

So it's Monday.

And I have regrets.

Somehow, in hindsight, sharing my weight loss struggles in such a raw and honest way is feeling like it may have been unwise. Is it possible to be TOO real?

Don't get me wrong! All of the sweet, encouraging comments and empathy blessed my heart! How wonderful to feel like I am not alone in this struggle.

But in the light of week three on the plan, I find myself thinking it's time to give you an update. And do I really want to do that?

I guess I could delete that first post. Move on. Not tell you how things are going. But that wouldn't be right. I wouldn't have a blog without you reading it! From your response to my first weight loss post, I'm humbled that so many of you care and can relate.

(big breath)

First two weeks, plus some, have been AMAZING. Should I tell you how much I've lost? Or is that not really the point? I don't know.

But it's going great.


Weight Watchers is SO doable. So workable. So flexible. I didn't expect that. Could it be because the last time I attempted it I had an 8 week old baby who had been a preemie and 7 other kids 11 and under (and even then it WORKED!)?


I am finding lots of great things to eat that make it easy to stay within my points each day. Quick. Simple. Healthy. When I want something. . . . I decide if it's worth it or not. Sometimes it is. More often it isn't. But either way it's the stopping and thinking that's really helping me.

Life is rushing along at a break neck speed here at the troops. I guess there is great benefit in that, as the weeks on WW are rushing by, as well. Week three will finish up on Friday and I'm hoping to hit the 5% goal. Can't believe it.

God is good.

Something has "clicked" for me and I'm not only doing well on the plan, I am enjoying it. I've only had a couple of days that I've struggled, but there is always something I CAN eat and eating healthier, more filling food has helped me feel better, have more energy AND sleep more soundly.

I want to clarify that part of my success thus far has been because of where we ARE in life here at the troops. I don't have a baby. I have lots of older kids to help out. It helps to be in the stage of life when I can get a full night's sleep most nights. When I can get older kids to take care of some things. It's where we are and for all of it's craziness, I am able to do more things like this, now, than I could in the last 15 years. I'm grateful for that. For this time of life when I have the help and situation that allows me to add "one more thing". Even if I have to drag Little Man to the meetings with me!

That's all for now.

It feels so great to be DOING something about getting to my goal instead of just getting on the scale and being bummed. I was already doing so many things RIGHT. . . this has just brought it all together and given me the encouragement and accountability that I needed.

Happy Monday!


Stephanie Harbin said...

I posted a weight loss ticker on my blog, but never mentioned anything about joining WW. Finally one person commented and said, wow, I saw your ticker!! I am not doing so well, so thanks for inspiring me to keep going. They are thinking about closing down our WW group if we don't have more than 20 people there each night for the next month. I don't want them to close, cause someday I want to be a lifetime member. Good luck!

Zimms Zoo said...

hmm....did i miss the part where you shared how much you had lost? or did you skip it?JK

You inspire me and it was what i needed to hear. I find it so hard to stay on budget and then eat healthy things. But I recently discovered, isn't so much what I am eating as how much I have been eating.

so with that being said are you brownies on that diet? I have made them twice in the last week and am making them again on friday for some friends. So far I haven't had the whole pan at my house but they are so yummy!!