Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

The Coach called from school this afternoon. Unusual to hear from him in the middle of the day. Thought maybe something was wrong, but all seven school kids were a-ok. Whew! Between the stomach virus going around and the lice scare, any call from school makes me nervous!

He thought since football practice is over a bit sooner on Thursdays and Daughter's (#2) volleyball game was a bit later and at our school, he could catch the last of her game and bring her home (along with Son #1). Which would mean that we didn't have to go.

(Is it possible to get a degree in schedule coordination? And yes, I realize it's going to get worse!)

We have been running hither and yon for weeks, now. Rarely coming home from school and STAYING home. Many days we don't come home at all until after a game. Or two.


A free after school afternoon at home?

Ahhhhhhh. What a gift!

The girls are playing school (go figure - eight hours doesn't seem to be enough) in the sunroom.

The boys are reading their AR books outside on the trampoline with the breeze blowing and a cloudy sky overhead.

Even Little Man seems to be thrilled to be playing by himself instead of riding in the car or sitting at a game.

Dinner is already started (thought we'd be rushing in late to eat and get everyone to bed).

House is straightened and laundry done.

Every one is happy and quiet and enjoying being home.

So much to be thankful for!

Happy Thursday!


Daisy Girl said...

Woohoo for a free afternoon!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! So thankful you could have a day off from all the hurry, scurry! Enjoy yourself.

Anonymous said...

It's the simple things in life!

Corrie said...

Aww - that sounds lovely! Home time is wonderful.

Since my last day of work was yesterday I'm about to try to get seriously reacquainted with home before the little guy arrives. :-)

kuliejellogg said...

I am thankful for a lovely lady who schleps her many kind children to church so she can watch my child (along with many others) on Sunday morning! Thank you so much!