Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

1. That Daughter's (#7) stomach bug, Tuesday night, was short lived.

2. That no one else is sick. Yet. Thank you, Lord!

3. For a Hoover Steam Vac. Enough said.

4. For a husband who helps clean up the worst of messes.

5. For the entertainment of watching his face while we are cleaning up such messes. HA!

6. For Netflix online when kids are sick.

7. Everyone back in school, today.

8. Hair cut, yesterday, for me. Haircuts for all of the boys on Tuesday night.

9. My treadmill. Haven't used it in awhile - but nice to have when you are stuck in the house with a sick kid!

10. Clean house (thanks, Mom!). Love that the scheduled cleaning was right after sickness. Between the two of us, I think we disinfected and laundered EVERYTHING. Whew.

11. IgG (Immunoglobulin). Because Mom can't get sick.

12. GREAT first week on Weight Watchers! Loving it! And no, I'm not being sarcastic!

13. A found TV remote. Unfortunately it's the one we've already replaced, not one of the other two that are missing.

14. BSF. Started Tuesday. So good to be back.

15. Hummingbirds. We've had SO many at our feeder this year. They are delicate and beautiful and the kids love to watch them.

16. Little Man has learned to go potty BY HIMSELF. (do you hear the angels singing?)

17. Mom is coming home from California on Saturday! Yea! I've sure missed her. Especially during morning workouts. Her mad laundry folding skills have been missed a lot, too!

18. More time with my dad this week (see #17). I am so blessed!

19. Tomorrow is Friday! (is it just me, or has it been a LONG, EXHAUSTING week?)

20. Oatmeal for breakfast. Yum.

*Be sure and leave a comment telling me what YOU are thankful for today!

Happy Thursday!


Corrie said...

Well, it's not Thursday anymore - but I sure am grateful for a quiet weekend at home with my husband trying to make sure we're "ready" and doing some extra relaxing before the little guy comes!

Can't believe I finally get to hold him in just days to a few weeks! :-D

Zimms Zoo said...

Thankful that a sweet friend loaned us stuff for our trip. That we made it back safely and that a girl's night might be in the near future.