Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Time.

Today I did something big.

As in "monumental proportions" big.

At least for me.

I went back to Weight Watchers.

Now, if you are one of my dear, sweet, skinny friends, you may not be interested in my struggle with my weight. I love you, anyway (just like I love the Coach - except I love him MORE), even if you are thin. I envy you (and yes I realize that's wrong). But I love you. You can skip this post.

However, you might think about something. There is, no doubt, someone in YOUR life who struggles with this like I do. How do you respond to that? Do you think (or say to others), "If they would JUST lose some weight!" followed by how they would be happier or healthier or more accepted or have a better life?

Let me tell you a secret. (and you owe me for this one because it's a painful one)

If we could "just lose the weight", we wouldn't have this problem.

If only it were that simple.

And every time you act as if it would be easy for us to be thin like you are? You make us feel like we are lesser beings. Failures. And now and then? You make it seem like we are the only ones with problems.

So here's another secret.

Everybody has struggles.

Mine? You may be able to see. You may be able to tell by how I dress, how full my face gets or how tight my clothes are that I'm stressed and eating everything in sight.

You may be able to see on the outside that I'm overwhelmed, sad, hurting, or just not dealing with life the way I should.

But here's the thing - you have struggles, too. Just because I can't see them on your "outside", I know they are there.

And may I suggest that you start with the issue of pride?

For today. . .

I got back where I need to be. Being held accountable, receiving LOTS of encouragement, being reminded every day and week what I need to be doing to stay healthy and take care of myself so I can feel better, have more energy and be the wife and mom that God has called me to be. And while I'm being brutally honest - I NEED my clothes to fit. Ha!

It won't be easy.

Good grief - writing THIS sure hasn't been.

But I'm one step closer than I was, yesterday.

For those of you who WANT to follow me on this journey - I'm going to start writing about it a bit. It will be hard. I've never really talked about this before with you all. My dad suggested another blog. But honestly? I barely have time for ONE blog. So here's what I'll do. When I write about weight loss, I'll post it just like everything else here at Mrs. Troop. But once it's posted, it will be included in a new tab/link (coming soon!) on the side. That way if you are coming by JUST to check on this part of the blog, it will be easy to find.

And if this is NOT something that is hard for you, I'm going to keep writing about the rest of the chaos here at the troops, as well. But would you do me a favor? Find someone in your life to love and encourage who struggles with their weight. Don't be condescending. Don't act as if they are inferior to you. Whatever you do, DON'T tell them to "just lose some weight". Just love them. If they are ready? I highly recommend Weight Watchers. Offer to help them with their kids or help them pay for it or go walking with them every day.

But before you do? Check your heart for pride (that's something we ALL struggle with). Realize that you have issues as well. They may not show like mine do. But we all have things we need to work on.

Here's to counting points and tracking food and weighing weekly and. . .

What WAS I thinking? :-)

Happy Friday!


Brooke said...

I too am trying to lose weight right now... Last summer I lost 10 lbs with WW, but over the year they found me :) I've been doing WW again, and lost a few lbs... then I started riding my bike, for just a few days, and I GAINED 3 lbs... Not fair!!
The first week on WW is always the best because you lose so much :) Happy counting!

Sumer said...

I'm so proud of you! Maybe I will join you . . .

amy said...

Sounds like you need new friends. I prefer to hang out with fatter people so I appear to be the thin one.
From one fatty to another, who says, "if only she loses weight..."? I cannot even imagine knowing someone who thinks that way or even has the nerve to speak it aloud. They aren't worth my time and frankly, are too superficial for me to acknowledge.

Karen, I never thought you were fat and I don't even think your pictures show you are fat (and we know how much a picture enlarges and even distorts images...). That being said, you go girl. Lose that fat, fit into your clothes again and feel healthy!


Lindsey said...

Love your blog... and as someone who also struggles with this and recently joined WW, I found this post really encouraging!

Stephanie Harbin said...

Wow, I loved the honesty!!! I am struggling with WW. Lost 10 pounds over the summer and gained it back during two weeks of inservice and the first three weeks of school. Now they are closing down our WW because we live in a small community. It just isn't fair!!

Good luck!!