Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Needing to hear it.

Today the Coach and I celebrate our "courtship anniversary".

16 years ago, today, my father gave the Coach permission to win my heart.

Well. I'm celebrating it at least. Not sure the Coach even realizes what day it is. I'll go remind him here in a minute.

I didn't make the "winning my heart" part very difficult - my daddy had already done that. (you can read about it here, if you haven't, already)

For some reason this brought to mind a "list" of sorts. Things the Coach says on a regular basis. He's a Mr. Steady kind of guy, so I can count on a certain response, in a given situation. And he's a man of few words, so I usually try to listen when he DOES say something!

#1 would definitely be "I love you." No doubt about it. He told me he loved me the first time right before he asked me to marry him. And has said it many times every day, since. I never tire of hearing it.

#2 is most likely, "Where is. . . " And believe it or not, he's not usually referring to one of our kids. It's probably keys, his football hat, his whistle, a shirt, a book. . . you get the idea. I'm so happy to report that my oldest son has inherited this trait. Those two can open the door, look in the pantry, and miss the peanut butter that is right in front of them. It's an endearing quality, really. It's nice to be needed.

Following closely at #3 would be "Embrace the Chaos, Sweetie." When things get crazy and I start unraveling. . . calling him at work to tell him I have NO idea how to get everyone where they need to be on time AND get homework done AND feed kids dinner AND get them to bed early enough that the following day won't be misery for us all. . . there it is. My calm, easy going, cool, "it'll all work out", guy saves the day.

Sometimes the words are enough to make me stop, take a deep breath, and start all over.

Sometimes I need a hug to go along with it. And the promise of a date night.

I didn't know back on this day 16 years ago what life would hold for the Coach and I (and it's turned out beautifully, by the way). But maybe I did see that quality in him and know that the Lord was giving me exactly what I needed. A man who would help me handle the chaos of life with a smile, a deep laugh, and a hug.

And I'm sure the Lord knew the Coach would need me, too. To find things.

Happy Tuesday!


Daisy Girl said...

Awww... I love this post. I get #2 alot also. My dear husband and both sons inherited that gene. In fact, I now ask my 6 year old to go grab something of the boys if we are in a hurry because somehow she can always find it! You're so sweet to look at it from the view that it's nice to be needed.:)

Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Courtship day sweet friend!!
I am always amazed at how you "pull it off"! I so understand #2 and feel the exact same way (sometimes)
Great post ~Love you!

Judy said...

#2? I think it may be a man-thing. I love it that you see it with a good attitude. I confess it was irritating to me for several years. To make me stop what I'm doing, just to move the eye drops so he can find the Tylenol, when he was perfectly capable blah blah blah. All that complaining solved nothing and often created feedback irritation.
I am also grateful for the "It's gonna be all right" hug. It doesn't solve the problem, but soothes the troubled mind. :-)