Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Sat down to start a post and all of a sudden it hit me: It's Thursday! (I'm a little bit slow. But you already know this.)

You're probably glad. . . I was going to post about our septic system. Instead, I'll just start there. . .

1. Having the septic tanks pumped this morning.
(I'm just being real here. And it WAY needed to be done.)
2. Time with a friend last night. Dinner. Coffee. Shopping. Ahhhhhh.
3. Diet DP for lunch, today. Such a treat. And YUM.
4. Parents coming back tonight. What is WITH all of this traveling? Don't they realize how much I depend on them? It's not as if anyone else will come fold my laundry or take all eight kids to lunch, forheavenssake.
5. Good walk on the treadmill this morning. And kids who download songs onto my ipod for me (even if some of them make me go, "Hmmmm.").
6. Clean house. Clean sheets and towels. At least it was all clean, yesterday, and I'm holding onto that thought.
7. Tons of clean laundry to fold (because the washer was busy with sheets and towels, yesterday). And old episodes of "Lois and Clark" to watch while I fold it. Maybe during naptime, today. I'm a sucker for super heros.
8. New season of Biggest Loser. I haven't actually gotten to sit down and watch a whole show in the first two weeks, but I love it, still.
9. Putting on smaller jeans this morning. Woo hoo. Not my SMALLEST jeans, but smallER. Which is feeling pretty great!
10. The end of a wonderful volleyball season for Daughter (#2), on Tuesday. She played well and had FUN. Such a sweet group of girls. Now on to basketball!
11. Beautiful weather. Here in Oklahoma we only have about two weeks of perfect weather every year. Here it is.
12. Fall wreath on the front door. I didn't quite make it until October 1st, but I only had time for the wreath, so far.
13. Sidewalk chalk on clearance at Wal-mart and hours of fun for my kids, yesterday.
14. $2 shirts - one for me, one for Daughter (#2) at Old Navy last night. Can't beat that!
15. New Pumpkin Muffin recipe. Only 1 WW point per muffin. Fabulous!
16. The look on the face of the septic service man when I told him that 10 people live here.
17. The anticipation of a visit, on Saturday, with some very sweet friends from my past life. You know the one - before marriage and eight kids. Can't wait to catch up with them!
18. Three weeks of Weight Watchers down. Many more to go!
19. New Sunday School class study starting this week - really looking forward to hearing my parents teach on marriage. They've had 47 years of experience! (And I love them. Did I mention they've been gone a lot, lately?)
20. Football game tomorrow night and the possibility of Son (#1) playing some for the Varsity team. He's not ready for that (as a Freshman) but it will be a BIG deal for him! (and for us!)
21. New "Cat in the Hat" show on PBS. I can get through almost three miles on the treadmill while it's on and Little Man LOVES it. He's playing on right now while I write.
22. Last but not least. . . one of our sweet sitters (precious gifts from God during the years when our troops were all little) is going to deliver her first baby today. I am so excited for her! Babies are SO exciting! God's greatest blessings. Happy for her - feeling her pain (why is it still so fresh after 3 1/2 years - ha!) - and waiting to hear of her sweet boy's arrival.

Some days I am overflowing with thankfulness! I hope you are, too, today.

Happy Thursday!


Daisy Girl said...

I love your list. It was like a good novel. I laughed, I cried, and I wanted to read more. :) Happy Thankful Thursday!

Corrie said...

I was very thankful for you on Thursday - for the advice, for knowing you cared and were praying, and for being a distraction that got me through one more contraction... ;)