Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shallow Waters

It's Thursday!

I'm saying that for my own benefit. Never sure quite what day it is until FRIDAY. And I wouldn't know that today is Thursday if I hadn't been reading some other Thankful Thursday posts. If you are looking for deep thoughts about what I am grateful for - you need to look elsewhere. None of that here today, Folks. However there is. . .

1. WARMTH. I am extremely tired of winter. But I'm so thankful that our house is warm inside on cold days like today. Some of my children would try to tell you that it's not warm in here, but that's because they run around in shorts and bare feet.

2. Reliable transportation. Although I really enjoyed NOT having a car on Monday (while the Coach's was in the shop), because he brought the kids home, I really am glad I can go out, start the car, and drive where I need to without worry. We even have a couple of extra seats if you want to come with us! Warning - it's a bit noisy in our car. I mean van. Or bus.

2. That Baby Boy's first top tooth is ALMOST through. Whew. His new "skill" is crawling behind me all day and whining. It's so sweet. Ha.

3. That Son (#1) got a B+ on his very first Science Fair project. I didn't really care what he got - it's over - but I'll take the B any day.

4. This really should have been at the top - A NEW NIECE! The Coach's baby sister (she's not really a baby, mind you, but you know what I mean) had a tiny baby girl yesterday morning. 5 pounds, 8 ounces (exactly the same size as our son #1). Their second child. We are so happy for them and she's a doll.



7. OH. I almost forgot. Up there with #2 has to be that we had the money to get the Coach's car fixed. Thank you, Lord! (although I'm still open to being "carless" if it means I can stay home all of the time)

8. That Granddad bought 10 chocolate bars from the kids - that's 10 less for me to eat!

Well, Baby Boy found me. Not sure I can concentrate well (was I?) with him sitting here fussing. Too bad I don't know how to record it for you - I'd love to share.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you're thankful for today! And don't worry, it can be something deep. I can handle it. I've got chocolate on hand.


Lori Leigh said...

It is cold and rainy here too and I am SO thankful for a warm car that runs well and for a warm house to come home to! Have a great day friend!

Jo said...

Here Here to Thankful Thursdays. I loved seeing the picture of your kids with your parents. What are they called? They haven't changed a bit must be all that sweet tea? :)
Today - I'm thankful for a really fresh smelling candle that is giving me the illusion of a fresh house - since its too cold to open windows. Again - the warmth thing is big.

The Anderson Zoo said...

I'm thankful I found Kaityn's tights. She can't pull those off like she does her socks...I'm not very deep either. :) Glad I'm not the only one.

Laura said...

I'm thankful for the heater right here next to me! I'm also thankful basketball is over on Saturday! Just in time for soccer to begin! YEAH!

Grana said...

Thanks for the picture of your mom and dad! I really miss them! He bought ten, huh? I will have to out do him! Be sure and save me some! I am thankful that I have Sophie to keep me warm today! We have had sleet and snow and I think it's 4 degrees! I took some pictures and video to post it on my blog! Check out my link to the newly weds blog! I think we might do a contest give away like you guys! Should be interesting! Yes we do have to get together when I come home next!
Love ya!

Rachael said...

I am thankful to have everyone in my family healthy again,no runny noses,coughs,earaches.