Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love Song Countdown - Day Two

Before we get to the musical part of this post, some business:

1. You know here at Mrs. Troop, I'm all about keepin' it real. This blog is about real life with eight very real (and noisy) kids. SO in the interest of being honest with you, this Love Song Countdown has really messed up the delicate balance of organized chaos that is our household. For one, I haven't figured out how to get back the time I've spent searching for and listening to music videos on YouTube. Nor have I figured out why some people (who shall remain unnamed, but live in this house and number 9) think that other things should be more of a priority. Like food. And birthdays. And homemade snacks for school. And Valentine's for 100 close class mates. And science projects, and homework. And non-disgusting bathrooms. Where are the clean-up fairies when you need them?

2. It's come to my attention that some people (who shall also remain unnamed - you know who you are) have been lurking here at the Loveday Giveaway and are NOT leaving comments! Come on, People! I can see that you may not appreciate my most awesome of prizes. Sure, your marriage may be perfect. You may have the Biblical wifelyhood thing all figured out. I get it. Or (if you are one of the two men who read Mrs. Troop - Hi DAD!) you may think winning and giving this book to your already perfect wife will get you decked. Or, you don't know ANYONE who is even CLOSE to getting married in the next few years who could benefit from this book's great wisdom. If that's the case, COMMENT ANYWAY. Just let me know to excuse you from the contest and I'll be happy to oblige. I live for your comments. And for some other things too, but that's another post for another day.

3. Hasn't it been fun to walk down memory lane with all of these songs? I've SO enjoyed hearing what music you love. The truth is, I have no original thought at this point, so any song I've posted has been suggested by someone else. Except maybe my #1 that you'll see tomorrow. And once you see it you'll know why. It's that corny.

4. It may have been suggested by various commenters over at Crazy Daisy that I was sarcastic in my adoration of James Taylor. Nothing could be further from the truth! You can make fun of me (I'm used to that - I have eight children, remember?) but JT is awesome. Nothing is more mellow or relaxing than this song - it's not part of my countdown, but it should be.

How can anyone not love that?
I think I'll go tell the Coach that I love him.
Never mind, he's asleep.
I'll tell him tomorrow.
Of course, by then, I'll have attempted to tackle the mountain of laundry that's been sitting here since Monday while I've listened to love songs for hours a day and the mood will be gone.
O well.

Here we go with the countdown (I know - you're relieved):

#3 - Some sweetness. I sing this to my girls at least once a week while twirling around their room. Timeless.

#2 - This almost made my #1. Maybe it should have. You'll think it should have when you see #1. This song has more wonderful memories than any other love song I can think of. And no, I'm not sharing what they are!

I love you, Coach!

Now, don't forget to head over to Crazy Daisy and check out her countdown for today. I'm sure it's better. I stole most of my songs from her, anyway. HA! And come see me bright and early on Valentine's to see if you've won! I'll have that #1 song up for you, too. It will be worth the wait. Promise.


Lori Leigh said...

Oh my dear friend, you are so funny and brilliant (of course). I hope you have a wonderful day before Valentine's Day! I can't wait to see what your number 1 song is! Okay, so maybe I've already seen it..... but I'm still looking forward to it!

Laura said...

How fun you girls are! And so creative! Can't wait to see number 1! Love you!

shannonale said...

Okay Karen...I keep sending comments...and then I can't find them on here I pray this one will get to ya....I am commenting FIRST because I would love to read that has been on "my list" for quite a while..and SECOND because you are a sweet friend that encourages best love songs all come from the BEST broadway musical ever...The Phantom of the Opera....they are all equally wonderful...but my favorites are.."All I Ask of You", "Think of Me", and "The Music of the Night" for any husbands out there looking MUST take your wives to see it usually in DON'T miss it!!! Happy Valentines Day!!

The Anderson Zoo said...

Hey. Since we are talking musicals...what about the song "Some Day My Prince Will Come"?
Your blog is great. It makes me laugh. I too (today) have spent way too much time on the computer. I guess I'm thinking my laundry will take care of itself. Probably not though.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Well this has been a lot of fun. Even if I don't win it has been neat reading what people's favorite songs are. Here is a song that I forgot about. It is Forever & Ever sung by Randy Travis. Very popular when it came out.

Rachael said...

I can't believe no one's mentioned Celine Dion's "My heart will go on yet"That song is amazing.And my love song that I dedicate to my children is "In my arms" by Plumb everytime I listen to it I get teary eyed,my daughter even crys,its beautiful,If you have not heard it you should listen the words are precious.

Carla said...

I have had a great time thinking back about all these great love songs (even the ones from JT!) I can't carry a tune in a bucket but oh how I love music. And as much as I love these great love songs I also like to lift up praise to the one who first loved me. At our church we have a once a year praise service where we sing for a little over an hour. We had that service this past Sunday. We sang what became one of my favorite hymns at FS"In Christ Alone" and then shortly after that we sang "None But Jesus" I had no other choice but to lift my hand and praise Him. I thought "Take me now sweet Jesus"- Won't it be awesome some day to praise Him in person! I don't know if you know these words. If you do sing along!

In the quiet, in the stillness I know that You are God. In the secret of your presence there I am restored. When you call I won't refuse. Each new day again I will choose.
(chorus) Their is no one else for me none but Jesus. Crucified to set me free. Now I live to bring him praise.

In the chaos, in confusion I know your are sovereign still. In the moment of my weakness You give me grace to do Your will. So when you call I won't delay. This is my song through all my days.
(chorus again)

I am Yours and You are mine, I am Yours and You are mine, I am Yours and You are mine. I am Yours, Lord.
All my delight is in you Lord, all of my hope, all of my strength. All my delight is in you Lord forevermore.

Lori Leigh said...

Awww, that was so sweet Carla!

I am having such a great time coming over here to read your comments.. like I don't have housework and laundry to do... ha!

This really is fun!

Grana said...

I have another favorite Chicago love song- Colour My World! My hubby would play it on the piano for me when we were dating!