Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Because I have nothing else to do. . .

I've missed you, People!

Two of the kids got Webkinz for their birthdays. Now every time I want to sit down at the computer to, say. . .BLOG. . . someone is feeding their pet. Or "I HAVE to put them to bed, Mom."

And several times I've been asked to earn Webkinz money so they can buy a new outfit, or write down ingredients from the cooking show on the little TV in their pet's room so they can make a recipe.


But in the meantime, since my computer has been taken over, I've been working on sorting through clothes for Summer.

I was going to post a picture this morning, but it's too depressing. I can't bear to let you see how bad it is.

I mean, I'm all for keepin' it real here at Mrs. Troop. But it's a little TOO real at the moment.

The girl's stuff is always my first goal, because it's more overwhelming. Now my playroom is full of BOYS clothes.

Do you ever just enjoy WANTING to quit? That's where I am. I know I have to finish. I can't stop. Can't leave it all out. The boys need shorts, after all.

But OH I want to quit.

I keep having visions of torching the whole pile and starting all over, again.

Oh, I jest! I LOVE the hand-me-downs. LOVE them. What a blessing! I can't imagine outfitting eight kids without help!

On another note, the top designer over at MAS designs is working on a new blog design for me. Yeah! Can't wait to show you!

If I can ever get on the computer, again.

Because there are clothes to buy for the little pink poodle and food to make for the little gray horse and games to play to get money over at Webkinz.

And that's WAY more important than checking my e-mail, blogging or keeping up with my online banking.

Way more important.


Jo said...

I've missed you too! Just got out of the attic myself for summer stuff. Where does it all come from. I am quite certain I did not spend money for all of that.

So you took the Webkinz plunge. I have one that really wants one. Let me know what you recommend after a few months. Birthday is coming up.

Daisy Girl said...

There you are! I can't imagine all the clothes you are going through. I was about to say that I feel your pain because I just went through clothes last week, but that was just for 3 kids. I can't imagine how tedious it is going through clothes for 8. But, I too love hand me down and garage sale clothes (my kids don't mind for now) so the ritual is a must! :) Have a great day!

Jo said...

By the way - Yes, I've read "Created......." by Debi Pearl. You're right - its a read once a year type book. Thanks for your other recommendations. There are just not enough months in the summer to read all I'd like to but we'll get something going soon. Love ya.

Grana said...

Hey I was getting a little worried! I missed you! I can't wait to see your new design. If you get a chance shoot me an email with info on it! I need to do something interesting with mine!

Mzzterry said...

I came over from Rocks in my dryer to say CONGRATS on winning that lovely locket! I am thrilled to see a mom has won =)