Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday To Do's

Mornin', Folks!

My list is long today. Errands to run, laundry to fold, phone calls to make, house to clean. But I find myself here. Reading about the arrival of a new baby (her TWELFTH, if you can imagine). Somehow it's more fun to read about someones labor and delivery than it is to work on what is before me today. Why is that?


I did want to give you an update on the bracket contest we had going through the NCAA March Madness. Turns out, maybe the Coach does know a bit about basketball. Hmmmm. Although Daughter (#2) tied with him for first place. A Sonic drink is in order!


Friday night we celebrated Son's (#4) birthday. Grandparents joined us for spaghetti, chocolate cake and LEGOS. My kids, they love Legos. Somehow they never tire of them.


We finished up our taxes this weekend. It brought me to the harsh realization (once again) that I am incredibly unorganized. Not that I always have been. But somehow we haven't gotten back to whatever normal we had before Baby Boy came on the scene. Pretty sure I haven't put a picture in an album, filed a document or cleaned out a single cabinet or drawer since his arrival. And we're all still here and smiling. Most of the time.

However, I haven't finished sorting those boys clothes, yet.


Speaking of Baby Boy, after almost two weeks of extreme fussiness, the Coach convinced me (it's easy to convince someone who is sleep deprived) to take him into the Urgent Care last night before bedtime. We weren't surprised to discover that he has an ear infection! You'd think after having the same exact symptoms twice before we would have figured this out by now.


We had the JOY of having the Coach's younger siblings and their families for Sunday Lunch yesterday. So much fun! It's amazing to have so much family attending church together, living so close by and all with young kids who LOVE THEIR COUSINS. Thanks to early service, we all still had time for a nap. Doesn't get any better than that!


AND A VISIT FROM CRAZY DAISY! My BFF is coming to town this week. Oh what fun! We've decided that if we have trouble actually, you know, TALKING, face to face, we can bring our cell phones and sit at different tables. Somehow, I'm not anticipating any difficulty TALKING TILL WE'RE BLUE! YEAH!

To finish off our week, the Coach and I are going away for the weekend. Alone. Without kids. By ourselves. Oh Sweet Loveliness!

So much to look forward to. In one little week.

But for now, I'm going to resist the urge to read more blogs and check e-mail and instead go run those errands and get going on that list. It never ends.

Happy Monday!

And remember that:

"You are loved with an Everlasting Love. . . and underneath are the Everlasting Arms"
(Elisabeth Elliot)


Daisy Girl said...

Hey friend! Sorry your weekend was so crazy! Can't wait to see you this week! :) Have a great day!

mom2camo said...

I am a little jealous of your weekend getaway! Sounds so nice! We are actually getting away next week...but have to take our Baby Girl b/c of the nursing thing...wish I could wean quickly! She's just not able to take a sippy cup fully yet and definitely won't take a bottle! Any tips?

Jo said...

what a week! I'm so glad you're getting away. Isn't spring invigorating?

Daisy Girl said...

Hey girl! We had SO MUCH FUN TODAY!!! My kids all slept on the way back to Grandma & Grnadpa's!!! And your cookies are the most wonderful chocolate chip cookies I have had in my whole entire life!!!! Thanks so much. We had a wonderful time!