Friday, April 11, 2008

Fabulous Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, All!

What are you going to tell us about today? Something that helps you clean your house? An easy food item that your kids love? Something that keeps you organized? I can't wait to hear about it!

My item for the day is. . .

Clorox disinfecting wipes. I love these! I keep one in each bathroom and one under the kitchen sink. They are great for wiping up the bathroom before company comes (always call me first - or it could be scary!), cleaning off the trash can after 30 people have had barbecue sandwiches on paper plates at your house. Wiping up the floor where someone has dropped their jelly toast upside down, etc.

There is no end to their usefulness!

And if you really get the cleaning bug, pick up some of this:

(O.K. Seriously, could this picture be any smaller? I'm going to have to include a magnifying glass.)

Encase your eye sight is less than 20/20 - it's SprayWay glass cleaner.

We not only have a COMPLETELY GLASS SUNROOM on the back of our house (yes, with eight children who never have clean hands), we also have three sets of sliding glass doors and big picture windows out into our back yard.

I know, what were we thinking?

The windows get really dirty really quickly. I can stand it to a point, but OH MY GOODNESS CLEAN THAT WINDOW BEFORE IT MAKES ME SICK every now and then.

This cleaner is foam - it doesn't drip onto the window sill (if, say, for instance, a child sprays an extraordinary amount of it on the window - which never happens - I'm just saying). And it works remarkably well.

So get to it!

And let me know what wonderful products you love and enjoy!

Be sure and link to your specific post and not just your blog. Feel free to use the graphic on your blog - I'd love it and MAS designs needs the promo.

Happy Friday!


Daisy Girl said...

All right! I've got my link done. Now I must go clean my house because we have a showing at noon! Ahhhh!!!!

Have a great friday!

Jo said...

I'm so going to try the window cleaning FOAM. Love that. We have lots of drippage around here. Bless you for the sunroom Oh Brave One.

mom2camo said...

We have a lot of windows in our home too (7 just in our family room)! We'll have to try that glass sounds good! Thanks!

The Anderson Zoo said...

You are right. The picture is so small. where did you find that spray? You probably said in your post so I will read it again, just in case. That would be perfect for us. Christopher and Kaibryn like to help clean the glass and I noticed the other day there was a huge puddle in front of them from all the "extra" squirts.

Mrs. Troop said...

In the past, I could only find that spray at Sam's. But now they have it at Wal-mart! It's wonderful! And it smells good, too. That's important. It's really easy for the kids.
The brand name on the can is "Sprayway" - it's a white spray can with blue writing.
Happy cleaning!