Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday - Lost and Found

I hate losing things.


The inconvenience of being without what I lost. The frustration of not being able to find it.

SO today's Thankful Thursday is about things we've recently (or not so recently) lost and then FOUND! YEAH!

1. The DVD remote from our living room TV.
HELLO! IT WAS VERY DIFFICULT TO BE WITHOUT THIS FOR TWO WEEKS. Couldn't change the channel, watch a DVD (without just having it scroll through all of the previews) or change the volume. I offered my usual reward (Sonic Drink) and still no one found it. Turns out it was under the boy's bunk beds. Hmmmm. I'm thinking maybe some other things may be there, too.

2. Pacifiers.
We lose these (technically we have five, but who would know?) several times each day. I thought having so many would make it easier to find one when we need it. Not so much.

3. The Coach's wedding ring.
This wasn't recent, but it still amazes me. He lost it doing yard work at his parent's house two years ago. In March. Just made me sick. We looked and looked. He really had no hope of finding it. Even so, I took the kids up there several times to line up and scour the grass in the back yard. Well, the following Summer, after all of that raking and mowing, his mother found it. In the yard. Amazing.

4. Me.
So the greatest blessing of my entire life has been being found by my Saviour. He found me. And isn't it amazing that He searches for us? Read the story of the lost lamb in Matthew 18:11-14!

5. Me, again.
Except this time by my Coach. Not just the first time he found me, but he keeps on finding me. God has blessed me with a man that pulls me from the edge of despair, discouragement and being overwhelmed rather frequently. He has a way of finding me where I am and helping me get back to "sane". I'm so grateful.

Leave me a comment and tell me YOUR best lost and found. It could be an item, or maybe your story of being found by the Lord. I can't wait to hear it!

Happy Thursday!


Daisy Girl said...

Awwww... I love your list. What a great idea! Okay, so the thing most recently that we lost were a couple dvds that belonged to the library. And we found them before they were due. And I was very thankful. Does that count? Have a great day friend!

Jo said...

Lost a kid once. That was tough. God had him though until we found him.