Friday, April 25, 2008

Fabulous Friday Favorites

Mornin' All!

Got the men off "dark and early" (as Son #1 told me) this morning. They were sleepy but excited and ready to go.

I was much more emotional yesterday before they left. I guess at this point, it's a done deal. I'll just have to stay busy and sane until they return.

Today I'm going to share something different than my other favorites.

The Coach purchased this online a few months ago.

It's the Jesus Storybook Bible published by Zonderkidz.

He's just finishing up reading it to the girls at bedtime. It's wonderful!

They LOVE the pictures.

The stories are very well written.

They even make practical application of the stories.

The Coach and I decided it's just about right for US! We have so enjoyed reading it.

So for those of you with young children - ENJOY! For those of you without kids, buy it anyway - you'll learn something, too.

"Jesus said, 'Coming home to God is as wonderful as finding a treasure! You might have to dig before you find it. You might have to look before you see it. You might even have to give up everything you have to get it. But being where God is - being in His kingdom - that's more important than anything else in all the world. It's worth anything you have to give up!' Jesus told them. 'Because God is the real treasure.'" from the Jesus Bible Storybook page 255.

Can't wait to see what Favorites you have to share today!

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Happy Friday All!


Daisy Girl said...

That book sound great! I think we will have to get it. We are always looking for good quality books! Thanks!

Jo said...

Ok - I'm finding this book. I keep hearing about it. Thanks.

mom2camo said...

Sorry no link today...just got in from out of town...very tired...but, I agree about this book! It's awesome! We got it at Christmas from Jon's mom...we read every night until we went through the entire book...we will probably do it again soon. I love the fact that it emphasizes that every account in the Bible whispers the name of Christ. It's almost like a big mystery story for the kids. I love it!

Saph said...

I've heard a lot about this book. There were some cons to this book according to some reviews on amazon.
I wonder if this is available at the local library? Hmm.