Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bedtime at the Troops

Honestly, by dinnertime I'm worn out.
But even so, there's still plenty to do. Trying to get eight kids settled in bed is a challenge.

Back when we had four little ones (four and under) it seemed so simple. They all went to bed at 7:30/8 and we were done. True, we had the occasional bad dream or illness, but for the most part, once they were in bed they stayed.

Good times, I tell you.

Now, with the three older boys in one room, and the three little girls in another, it's crazy. Never mind the sleepwalking, the sleep talking, the insomnia (although it's better now because of this). The nightmares, the older kids (who don't go to bed at 7:30, thank you very much) and the child who can't seem to sleep in her own bed. Ever.

Last night we were half way through the whole process, when Daughter (#5), who doesn't often get out of bed once she's been tucked in, showed up in the kitchen.

"I have a song," she announced. And before we had a chance to say anything, she began,

"I wrapped myself in paper,
Dipped myself in glue,
Slapped some stamps on the seat of my pants,
and mailed myself to you."

At that point, we just dissolved into laughter.

And then we realized we were a long way from having everyone "settled".


Jo said...

THat is precious!!! Thanks for sharing. I'm dissolving into laughter myself.

Rachael said...

daughter #5 reminds me of my lil lady,how old is she?they are just way to precious,these are the memories we will look back at and smile. Rachael

Laura said...

ha ha ha! Too funny!!

Corrie said...

*laughing* That's great. I sure miss you guys. Thanks for this marvelous start to my morning - maybe it'll help with the Latin exam I have to do. ;)

Daisy Girl said...

That is really funny. I am so laughing!

Anonymous said...

Good Stuff! I too miss the days when everyone liked going to bed! Life was easy then, right? Oh! the reasons mine find to get out of bed. Sometimes I can get rather grumpy about it . . . need to work on that ~ I might miss a cute little song ~ you never know with a kindergartener! Sumer :)

suzof7 said...

That is so funny! I love it! That does make me thankful for my relatively easy bunch, we have one who often gets up with headache, tummy ache, leg ache, toe ache, etc, etc, but other than that, they are fairly easy.