Friday, November 9, 2007

The Clean Up Fairy

Do you ever fantasize about having a perfectly clean house?

Everything put in it's place. No dust on the piano. Nice vacuuming stripes on the carpet in every room. Sparkling bathrooms. Clean sheets on all of the beds. A clean and orderly kitchen. Fresh smelling fridge full of everything you need for dinner. Clothes all washed, ironed, mended and hanging neatly in the closets. Windows without hand prints (or nose prints), mirrors without splashes.

Some women, I hear, love clothes, shopping, scrap booking, going out with friends, spa treatments, vacations in the Caribbean, etc.

Me? I just dream about a clean house!

Sometimes I think the answer would be to have help with the cleaning. Surely, I reason, if someone else got everything clean twice each month, I could keep up with the maintenance in between. And there have been times that I've done that.

But I'm over wanting a housekeeper. I can dust when it really irritates me.

Or have one of the kids do it.

What I want is a Clean Up Fairy!

I'd never see her. When I leave the room, she would fly in. Straighten the beds, put the clothes away, organize the toys and books. When I walked back into the room, it would be neat and clean.

When dinner was over, I could just get up from the table and go read a book. When I came back in a few minutes later, the table would be clean, the dishes washed, the food put away.

After I take a shower, I could just leave the towel on the floor. After all, she'd be in shortly to hang it for me!

And make the bed? Why? She'd do it.

And I'd never have to pay her, thank her, or do anything myself any more!

Talk about fantasy. I guess it's OK to dream.

And wonder what it would be like. . .

Maybe I'll just ask my kids!


Lori Leigh said...

Oh, please,.. please... I want a Clean Up Fairy! Especially today! It's amazing how I can feel like I am doing okay and then the sun shines through the house and I realize I can see DUST! Everywhere! And I just dusted last spring! And I may have people come tour my house this weekend. And then when I looked the other way, the kids have totally destroyed a room. It takes me 3 times as long to "help" them clean it up as it did for them to make the mess. (maybe I should take this rant over to my own blog! Is there some rule of thumb where if you comment is longer than the post you should put it in your own post? ha!)All that to say,... I need me a Clean Up Fairy! :)

Lori Leigh said...

I LOVE the new look of your blog! It makes me want to go work on mine! :) How fun is this?!? Have a great weekend!