Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Football Season Ends

This is the last week of our school's football season. And somehow, I'm a happier, less-stressed me!
Every year (for the last 13) it seems to go more quickly. This year was no exception. It is, however, harder to survive the season when we have a baby! I'm grateful for the safety that God has given to our family through these months. Traveling to and from games, often late at night, and God's protection here at home without the Coach.
Although I'm thrilled to be almost done with the stinky clothes, late nights, and dinners without Dad, football season really is a fun time. I've learned to enjoy the games (a challenge with a baby and three little girls hanging on me), the cool air, and when I stay home, the descriptions that the Coach gives afterwards. Always fun!
This will be my last year as a spectator. Usually the most exciting part of the game for me is checking out my HOT coach on the sidelines. But next year I'll have a boy out there. Getting hit, making plays, and more likely making mistakes. It will be a whole new season in our family. One that will last a LONG time. I'm sure I'll have my scared to death, anxious moments. But I hope, too, that I will enjoy the step my boy is taking towards becoming a man. Ugh.
For now, it will be fun next week to have the Coach home earlier, less tired, and with us on Friday nights. Another good season.
That's what life seems to be about, for us, these days. Seasons. Some easier, some harder, most rather difficult. But they come and go. For that I'm grateful. Just reminds me that the Lord knows what we can handle, and gives us the grace for it all. Thank you, Jesus!


CrazyDaisy said...

You have a PICTURE! How fun is that!! Are those all YOUR kids? (just kiddin) Your family looks so nice! It makes me want more. T is almost as tall as the Coach! Wow! I'm excited for you that football season is ending! Wooohooo!

CrazyDaisy said...

So, I just wanted to leave another comment. My first comment was getting lonely, and since I AM your only current reader, I thought it would be my responsibility to provide the second comment. So I will say I hope you have a wonderful day friend!