Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Thankful Game

Sometimes life really wears me out. You know what I mean. The ENDLESS laundry. Did I mention it never ends? The kids that keep thinking it's time to eat. Didn't we just have lunch? And the dishes, toys, homework projects (did I mention a poster board with pictures and descriptions of games they played in ancient Egypt?), messes, dirty diapers, etc.
Thanks to my BFF, Lori, I'm learning to turn these "ugh" moments into "ahhhh" moments. How, you ask? How do you transform a disaster of a day into a shining success? With Thankfulness. It's that simple.
So in the spirit of starting my day right (as I've already given it to the Lord and walked 45 minutes on the treadmill, and eaten my Special K, and had two glasses of water, and taken my SuperMom pill. . .), here are 15 things I'm thankful for. And to make it more fun, let's just assume you already know the big things I appreciate and let's mention some of the things that make me smile.

1. A Baby that sleeps through the night! Thank you, Jesus!
2. Waking up with the Coach beside me. Ahhhhh.
3. The best school in the world (ask Coach) to send 5 of my kids off to this morning.
4. That my 5 oldest LOVE going to school every day.
5. Lunches at Panera (I'm going today to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday!).
6. Granddads who will pick up the kids from school and take THEM to lunch on their half day.
7. Wednesdays - half days at school - I love the time with my kids (and honestly, it's nice to have a day off from making lunches)!
8. FALL - can I say BEAUTIFUL? Every time I look out my window I am speechless.
9. A big crock pot of beans and family that stays for dinner (Thanks, Brooke, Seth, Baylor, Ford and Crew - we had fun!)
10. Hot Chocolate for snack time with 7 kids and a cold Fall afternoon.
11. Hot showers - I'm headed that way!
12. Kids who make their own beds (OK. Not all of them do, yet, but we're getting there!)
13. The pilgrims (A little deep, I know, but still)
14. Michelle, Corrie, and Allison (That's three things, but I could spend all day on how much I love these girls!)
15. The unconditional acceptance, friendship, encouragement, kindness, sympathy, fellowship and just plain FUN that I share with my Friend, Lori.

Of course we all know that these lists could go on and on. And they should. And maybe I'll just start doing "Thankfulness Wednesdays!" That would give me a chance every week to transform my day.

So go out and be thankful!

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CrazyDaisy said...

How fun was that?! Maybe we should start doing Thankful Thursdays or something. (that rhymes better) I was going to get on your blog and leave like 200 comments all with different names so you would feel so popular like Pioneer Woman, but since we both have our blogs set to invited people only, it would just be my name on all of them. Oh well. It's the thought that counts. Have a great day friend!